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Inspirational living room ideas

Unconventional Modern Contrast

In recent years, bright colours have taken hold in fashion and living room ideas alike. Bright colours offer a refreshing change of pace from the neutrals and earth tons of years past, and they give homeowners a creative way to express their personality with each piece of furniture.

The Minimalist Penthouse

In living rooms with high ceilings and a stunning view, the key to living room decor is all about minimizing obstructions to that view and height. As a result, one of the best designs for this type of setting is a minimalist aesthetic that focuses on framing the windows, emphasizing the height, and using clean lines in furniture throughout the room.

Fresh-Picked Purple

One of the best ways to stamp a unique personality into a living room is to choose a favourite colour and use it throughout rugs, couches, and other decors in the room. A distinctively modern living room idea, this all-purple design emphasizes the importance of the hue throughout the carpets, wall colours, patterns, and furniture items.

Great Bathroom Design Ideas

Creative Storage

Take out all the clutter. Messy vanity and bathroom countertops are passe. Manage clutter with some creatively hidden drawers and storage.

Flowing Basins

Oddly shaped washbasins are among our top bathroom ideas and renovation inspiration. The most popular styles are elongated and grooved basins.

Recessed Walls

Gone are the bulky bathroom cabinets and even the more recent floating shelves. In place are recessed walls which are handy for your miniature plants, candles, and toiletries.

Useful Home Design Tips

Layer Lighting

Don’t rely on overhead lights for all your lighting needs. Instead, find one central lighting fixture for space, and supplement with lamps and wall sconces. Important interior design tips are to create layers of light that create interest throughout the room instead of putting the spotlight on just one area.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors not only add interest to a room but make space look bigger and brighter. Hang mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to windows so the light will bounce off them.

Be Careful with Collectibles

Just because you bought a great piece of art on vacation or have your grandmother’s favourite painting, that doesn’t mean you must hang it if it doesn’t work in the space. If your space has a minimalist black and white theme, a new piece of art with muted colours may not work. Instead, find a different part of the home to show it off in.

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